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英文姓名:Fang-chih Irene Yang


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University of Illinois,


Cultural Studies Program,

Department of Speech Communication



 Oct. 1999

University of Oregon, Eugene

Telecommunications and Film Program,

Department of Speech Communication



 Dec. 1992

National Tsing Hua University

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature



 June, 1989






National Cheng Kung University

Department of Taiwanese Literature

Associate Professor


National Dong Hwa University

Department of English



National University of Singapore

Department of Sociology

Senior visiting fellow


A project commissioned by National Science Council in Taiwan

The Future Directions for the Development of Gender/Sexuality Studies in Taiwan



Cultural Studies Association


Board of Director

The Journal of Popular Culture

Editorial Board member

Feminist Scholars Association


Board of Directors

National Dong Hwa University

Department of English

Associate Professor



National Dong Hwa University

Department of English

Assistant Professor




Women’s Studies, University of Illinois




University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Department of Speech Communication






Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies



 2016 Fang-chih Irene Yang. “Long Live Cuteness”: S.H.E.'s “Girl Power” and Negotiations with Nationalisms in                    the Chinese Language Market. Contemporary Culture and Media in Asia. Eds. Koichi Iwabuchi, Daniel                          Black and Olivia Khoo, 141-155.

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2004    Simone de Beauvoir in Taiwan’s Popular Media: Politics of Freedom and LifestyleNew Approaches to Literary Studies: Communcation and Reception.文學研究的新

              進路傳播與接受。Pp. 611-639. Hung-yie Cultural Publications.


 2016  . Fang-chih Irene Yang (2016). The Politics and Aesthetics of Chinese Drama (Huajyu) in Taiwan. Boundary 2:

    An International Journal of Literature and Culture.. (Accepted). 本人為第一作者.

 2013    "Remediating Japanese Dramas: Exploring the Politics of Gender, Class, and Ethnicity in Loser- Dog Queen in Taiwan." TheJournal of Popular Culture. 46(5): 1070-1091.

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                   International Workshop on the Multicultural Question in Asia, Yonsei University, 6.22-23, Seoul.

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                  Workshop, National Sun Ye-Sen University, March, 16.

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                  Invited presentation at“Workshop on the Korean Wave,” Center for KoreanStudies, University of

                  California, Berkeley.Feb. 17-18.

 2011   “Meteor Garden and the Gender Politics of Asianism.” Paper presented at Console-ing Passions,

                  July 21-23. Adelaide, South Australia.

 2011    “Meteor Garden and the Politics of Asianism.” Paper presented at IPLA, National Cheng Kung

                   University, Tainan,Taiwan. May 21.

 2011   "Meteor Garden and the Politics of Asianism." Paper presented at " Intra-regional Popular cultural

                  Flows: Towards an East Asian Identity? " New Zealand Asia Institute, Taipei, 17-19.

2010    "Loser-Dog Queen and the Translation of Japanese Dramas." Paper presented at Cultural 

              Studies Crossroads, June 17-21, Hong Kong, Lingnan Univerwsity.

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                    Communication Association, May 23-27, San Diego.

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                     presented at National Communication Association, Chicago, 2004.

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            Conference on Gender/Sexuality,Knowledge, and Power, Kaohsuing, Taiwan.

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2000  “Feminists Meet Jacky Woo: An Analysis of the Class Politics in Variety Shows in Taiwan.”  Paper

            presented at a symposium on Acting for Change: Chinese Women in Global Perspectives.

            University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  Oct. 2000.  

2000    “Feminists Meet Jacky Wu—Exploring Class and Gender Politics in Variety Shows in Taiwan”  發表

              於十二月 的科技,權力,與美學文化研究會議。交通大學主辦。

2000  “The Making of Women’s Taste.”  Paper presented at Third International Crossroad Conference on

            Cultural Studies. University of birmingham, England. June, 2000.

2000   “The Political Economy of Sexual Liberation.”  Paper read at Asian Studies Conference. 

              International Christian University,Japan. June, 2000.

1999    “Women’s Magazines and the Regulation of Sexuality in Taiwan.”Paper presented at Conference

              on Chinese  Women.  Boston,Harvard University and Tufts University, March1999.

1999    “Love and Sickness: Women’s Magazines and the Changing Ideals of Love and Sex.” Paper 

              presented at Comparative Imperial and Post-Colonial History Conference. Michigan, Feb. 1999.

1998    “Patriotism Without Future: Women’s Magazines and The Changing Ideals of Domesticity.”  Paper

              presented at Third Annual Conference on Taiwan’s History and Culture.  Culumbia

              University, New York.  August, 1998.

1998    “The Political Economy of Women’s Magazines in Taiwan.”  Paper presented at Asian Popular

              Culture Conference.  Victoria, BC. April, 1998.

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            39 Annual Convention.  March,1998.


2005   Special Issue Editor: “The Secrets Codes of Bestsellers: Love Potion or Poison?” Gender Equity Education and Research. No. 31主編專輯:「暢銷書的性別密碼: 愛情靈藥還是毒藥?」主編專輯。性別平等教育季刊。(in Chinese)

2005    “Introduction: Selling Gender/Sexuality” Special issue on “The Secrets Codes of Bestsellers: Love Potion or Poison?” Gender Equity Education and Research. 「暢銷書的性別密碼: 愛情靈藥還是毒藥?」專題引言: 行銷性別。性別平等教育季刊。No. 31。 p. 8-13。(in Chinese)


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1999  “Leaving Home and Travel: On the Gender Politics of Travel.” Bulletin for Gender and Women Studies.離家出遊:論旅行的性別政治」。婦女與兩性研究通訊54(3): 22-25.